Max’s Ark Rescues

At Max’s Ark Rescue, we believe that every animal deserves a loving and safe home. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs in need, giving them a second chance at life. Located in the heart of Collier County, our dedicated team of volunteers works tirelessly to provide compassionate care to animals who have been neglected, abused, or abandoned.

June 2024

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June 8

” Last night I got a call about 4 puppies left after a backyard breeder sold the other 9 at a corner in Homestead, Florida. Thank Goodness my friend from a Fort Myers Beach rescue said yes, and brought them to me at midnight. I then drove them to safety in Estero.  Our rescue is full and we are unable to take more intakes. ”  – Dolly

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June 1, 2024

Welcome Freya to Max’s ark family ….
A 4 lb toy pom rescued last night ….
Dumped after her two babies died because she didn’t produce enough milk … of course a back yard breeder will not bother to syringe feed newborns that require lots of care …

At first she peed out of fear each time somebody touched her …. today she ate well and has rested at her foster home.

Please consider making an small donation to help with her vetting expenses … she needs a dental, vaccines , spay surgery and blood work ….
We are at capacity … with a total of 11 new rescues waiting to be vetted …. Every little bit counts!

Update June 3:


Today Freya didn’t pee on me when I touched her!
She even allowed me to put hot compresses on her boobies that are hard and dripping milk,
That tail is starting to wag … Freya is blooming !

May 2024

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Sunday, May 19

Freedom ride for 11 puppy mill moms and dads …
Not an easy task to plan …but worth it.
These dogs are not available for adoption, they’re going to two different organizations, we will post the ones that will be part of Max’s Ark.
Big thanks to Jackie Zucker and Cathy Benway, they’re real blessings to our mission.
Transporting and making sure we have the supplies we need …
At Max’s ark, we count our blessings !

Sunday, May 5

“Yesterday we pulled/rescued this 5 babies …most of them come from back yard puppy mills. They went to one of the reliable organizations we partner with so we can save them, even if we have no room! Sharing the pic with the poop party, so you all can see what volunteers deal with ….
Thank you Jackie Zucker, Cathy Benway and Karen Beckett for pulling, holding and transporting them!
They’re an amazing team!
At Max’s ark , we count our blessings!

Saturday, May 4

Welcome rose ( Rosalie ) the schnoodle to Max’s ark family !!!!
Rosalie was rescued when a back yard breeder from homestead went out of business!
Enjoy your freedom sweet girl!
Wait for her pics after she is cleaned up!
At Max’s Ark, we count our blessings !

Friday, May 2

My name is Sasha. I am a 6 months old pure breed Maltese. I was born premature. I have crossed eyes so my sight is not perfect, one of my hind legs is stiff. I am and will always be an especial needs girl. Because of that a few rescues refused to take me, most likely because my veterinarian bill will be high. Doctors think I can have a normal life as long as I’m well taken care of. I am such a lucky girl after all! Max’s ark rescue said yes, and here I am, already saw a vet (I was never brought to a vet by my breeder). Please consider making a small donation to help my rescuers cover every expense I’ll have.
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Sunday, March 31

This nice family of lilac frenchies was rescued today ….
two babies , mom and dad …
Thank you to those amazing humans that opened their homes and hearts to help rescuing them!
At Max’s ark, we count our blessings !